Understanding and Dealing with Morgellons

The following contents were written by third parties for general educational information on Morgellons disease. Dr. Karjoo and Morgellons Medical Center were not involved in the writing or production of these contents. To get more information on Morgellons, the research about this disease and treatment options, please contact his office and set up a Morgellons disease treatment consultation.

Understanding and Dealing with Morgellons

If you are one of those people who have been suffering from the heartbreak and confusion of Morgellons symptoms and are unable to find effective help, there is reason for hope. Rahim Karjoo, MD, FCAP, FASCP has been helping patients suffering this misunderstood skin affliction for years. Patients swear by his ability to get to the root of this extremely unpleasant and often quite devastating condition.

With over 40 years of medical experience as a noted pathologist and medical expert, Dr. Karjoo has been at the forefront of treating a skin ailment that has been badly misunderstood by the medical establishment. At Dr. Karjoo’s office in Garden Grove, you can a get a proper diagnosis of this disease from a doctor who will treat your condition with the seriousness it deserves.

While many practitioners have wrongly ascribed Morgellons to strictly psychological causes, Dr. Karjoo has been at the forefront of researching the root causes of this painful illness which, at its worst, can lead to disfiguring scarring and severe pain. He has determined that the disease is a condition impacting the hair follicles and related to the many silicon products that have become increasingly common in recent decades. Dr. Karjoo believes that silicon-based nano particles can become embedded within the skin, causing the painful itching and strange fibers shown in the sometimes quite graphic Morgellons disease pictures that are available on this web site.

The good news is that Dr. Karjoo has developed medications that he has found to be effective. It appears that je has been able to provide a Morgellons cure that has helped numerous patients put an end to their suffering. To find out more about a free initial consultation to learn more about your condition, please contact Dr. Karjoo’s Northern Orange County office at 888-RKarjoo.

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