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July 29, 2010

Dear Dr. Karjoo:

I received your mediations on 07-14-10 and started treatment immediately.

Before starting the medication my symptoms were as follows:


Morgellon’s Disease – Fragmentation of skin with ulceration, necrosis, and abscess formations of the skin. Severe necrosis and keratinization of skin and many silica particles of surface skin.

The following are my observations for the first week using the soap, spray and cream:


Day 1 – 07-14-10 – The soap left my skin extremely clean. I also washed my hair with it – the soap removed all film from my hair. The soap was very deep cleaning.


Day 2 – 07-15-10 – My skin around my ears started to dry out and the itching, crawling, biting sensations in my ears started to stop. My face was red. My eyes were infected with hair fibers which wrapped around each eye and extended to my ears and around my mouth. After the second day, my eyes started to dry out and some peeling of fibrous tissue started to come off.


Day 3 – 07-16-10 – The biting inside my ears stopped and black specks were coming out of my skin. My eye lids were peeling and hair fibers were very thick.


Day 4 – 07-17-10 – The soap really started to dry out the thick tissue around my eyes and ears. The spray still stings. Black specks and white hard fibrous hair follicles started to stick out from my face.


Day 5 – 07-18-10 – The ulcerations on my face began to close. The cream feels good when I apply it, but it is very messy. The oatmeal cream is very thick.


Day 6 – 07-19-10 – The tissue around my ears continued to peel and the stinging and itching around my ears are getting less. My eyes continued to peel.


Day 7 – 07-20-10 – My neck had fibers wrapping around from ear to ear under my chain and around my mouth. After the first week the fibers started to dry and peel.



After the first week using the soap, spray and cream – taking 2 showers per day, I feel 50% better – This is the first time I can see and feel a difference. I think these products will continue to help me, lord knows I have tried many others before coming to Dr. Karjoo.


Thank you so much,


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