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March 5, 2013

My Very Dearest Dr. Karjoo;

Where do I start to thank you? I write this letter with tears in my eyes, not just tears of joy but tears of horror to think about what my mind and body went through after I received my breast implants this year. God Bless you for your many years of research to help so many patients like me who have endured such a nightmare only for most Doctors to look at us like we are crazy and given every medicine known out there that do nothing to help.

Two weeks after I received my new set of saline implants I started feeling flu symptoms and not knowing the outer shell is covered by silicone and my Doctor telling me I was safe because the were SALINE and also not knowing if my old implants with 20 years of mold and bacteria was leaking inside me before being replaced, I started feeling what I thought were bugs biting my body, I blamed it on a consignment shirt , I felt so very embarrased because I have always taken pride in keeping myself, kids and home clean...but each and everyday feeling a little more what I felt was movement, crawling from head to toe, biting and then stinging, I went to skin Doctors, Family doctors, by then I started with sores on my back, then going all over my body , the sores so big on my knees that it became so hard to walk because they caused so much pain, with the other symptoms also starting to make my mind feel crazy mostly because I was scared to death my children would also get what I was suffering from but( you easing my mind by telling me I was not contagious) , I had spent from 5am to 8pm everyday and night boiling clothes, sheets and cleaning....my outside body was getting worse but I felt so flu like, sick, weak, my face pale in color and then exhusted, I started to feel desperate using every chemical, oils, straight bleach and even sand paper on my skin to stop the crawling sensations. Then my pores started from my head, face and entire body would drop tiny black specks which I truly thought were little bugs, but when I put them under a microscope all shaped the exact same in size and colors, took the samples to the Doctors who only told me that all of them only looked like "fibers"...... dropping from my body by the hundreds, by then I was taken to the hospital and put on IV's for dehydration...I was crying from morning to night not understanding why I was going through such a nightmare, too sick to care for my children. I had been researching every possible bug that could go on the human body by possibly my pets, bed bugs etc.., but to cause almost a complete break down one morning had gotten into a morning bath and when I washed my hair I had green alge looking goo come out of my entire scalp, the smell made me vomit 7 times and my poor children had to help me out of my bath which then looked like the way a fifthy aquarium would look that hadn't been cleaned for a long time, no one could get close to me because the smell of my hair smelt of a rotting corpse and that is exactly how I felt on the inside too, I could not take any more.... I was devastated and so was my family...God allowed me to some how find your website, your home page listed ALL the symptoms that I was having, I called crying and the compassion of your staff when I told them my symptoms told me to come in right away. It took you 5 minutes of looking under your microscope with my samples you took and all my symptoms to know that I had "Perforating Serpiginosa Dermatitis" with massive destruction of my superficial portion of my skin, you felt was due to toxicity of silicone silica, and which all symptoms being Morgellons.

You told me exactly how to start helping my self with your soaps, cream and spray, within two days I got massive relief of the sensations I was having and immediatley had my implants removed,...I want to mention that a year after my first set, had terrible muscle and joint pain and lived with fibromylgia for 20 years, now I know the reason. I am now on day 10 after he has removed them and feel 98% better on the outside of my body with the sensations of bugs and with the green alge from my scalp almost gone and the black specks from my body are almost no more.

My Dearest Dr. Karjoo, thank you again for your great work and research, thank you for listening and hearing our cries when know one else did or cared...I believe in a Heaven and I know for sure your reward there is going to be great for all that you have done to help save peoples, lives, relationships and families. God bless you all. Sincerely and Forever Grateful,


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