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Rich G.

Dr. Karjoo
Mere words cannot express my gratitude to you and your kind assistant Soudy.  I came to you hoping for a miracle. I felt like I was facing a lifetime of misery and isolation.  My doctors, my family, my friends ... all were incapable of providing any help, support or hope as I suffered with this horrible skin disorder. I had all but given up any hope and needed a miracle.   Your expertise, your commitment help others and your compassion have given me the opportunity to reclaim my life. Thank you for providing me that miracle.  Don't ever stop helping us and seeking to educate the researchers and medical community to be able to routinely treat Morgellons, which will surely become more widespread.  God bless you and Soudy.  Thanks again for not only the healing and understanding you have unselfishly offered me, but also the inspiration to help the others that suffer needlessly from this modern day toxic plague.

Rich G.

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