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At the Garden Grove Medical Center, in Garden Grove, California, board certified pathologist Dr. Rahim Karjoo has been leading the way in Morgellons research for many years. As one of the foremost authorities on the causes of Morgellons, Dr. Karjoo has developed a comprehensive approach to treating this devastating condition. While many in the medical community have been slow to acknowledge Morgellons as an actual disease, Dr. Karjoo is confident that he has identified a distinct condition with causal factors that are exogenous in nature. Based on years of intensive Morgellons disease research, Dr. Karjoo has concluded that Morgellons disease is caused by the proliferation of silica particles in the air. The source of these silica particles is likely electronics such as small electronic devices, various women’s cosmetic products, and other commonplace items found throughout any developed society.

Symptoms of Morgellons typically reported by patients include skin lesions, the persistent sensation of something crawling under the skin, and GI and respiratory issues. Many people who suspect they are suffering from Morgellons try to seek help from their doctors, only to be told they are suffering from anxiety, depression, or some sort of delusion. This is unfortunate, since this condition can be effectively treated, as Dr. Karjoo’s tremendous track record clearly demonstrates.

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