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Jean's Story

Morgellons Diary

December 2009 after a return trip for Thanksgiving Holiday with family my scalp started itching intensely day & night. Went to the walk in clinic & saw physician. He said problem more than likely was just an allergy reaction to a shampoo or hair product. Gave me a topical solution "Clobetasol Propionate” and told to apply when itching.

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Herminia's story

...Week 2

On the second week of my treatment, I have seen a bit of a change in my skin. Dark patches on my skin have started to clear up. I am still very itchy and my back has a lot of bump that are healing slowly. Everything below my thighs to my feet are also showing signs of healing. The lesions are deeper like you told me.


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Dr. Rahim Karjoo M.D., F.A.S.C.P.

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Morgellons Treatment

Have you been struggling from itching, discomfort, and/or strange lesions on your skin for an extended period of time? You may be struggling with a condition called “morgellons disease.” Many times, those with Morgellons seek help, only to find that most doctors don’t really have much to offer in terms of an explanation or morgellons treatment. It is common for those in the healthcare field to tell sufferers of Morgellons disease that their ailment is all in their head, a delusional parasitis, or that the fibers are not something that are really coming from the body, but are self induced instead. If you are tired of half baked explanations and endless suffering from your symptoms, it is time you received real Morgellons treatment.

The good news is you no longer have to tolerate the pain and disfigurement created from the occurrence of Morgellons fibers in your body. You can stop this invasion and be done with this illness when you approach the Morgellons Medical Centre led by Dr. Karjoo. With over 40 years of experience in helping people who are combating this condition, we can help you overcome Morgellon’s. This is a real condition that has been given a misnomer and been treated the wrong way. If you want morgellons treatment, you have come to the right place.

On our site, you can find testimonials from numerous others like yourself who have knocked on many doors and been examined many times, only to be told vague answers that provided no relief. To begin with the morgellons treatment, you simply need to fill out the provided questionnaire and one of our associates will contact you to schedule an appointment. Morgellons is a real condition wherein there has been contamination or intrusion into your skin from nano particles. We can offer you relief and morgellons treatment that is real and proven to be effective.

Morgellons Treatment Steps


Morgellons Medication

The following contents were written by third parties for general educational information on Morgellons disease. Dr. Karjoo and Morgellons Medical Center were not involved in the writing or production of these contents. To get more information on Morgellons, the research about this disease and treatment options, please contact our office and set up a Morgellons disease treatment consultation.

After years of extensive research, Dr. Karjoo has developed effective and long-lasting Morgellons medication; finally legions of sufferers will be able to find relief.
Dr. Karjoo has termed this ‘Karjoo Phenomenon,’ as he finds the explanations in the medical community to be quite unsatisfactory. But after years of in-depth study, Dr. Karjoo has arrived at the possible link between the disease of the hair follicle and contamination with silica or silicone nanoparticles, which penetrate deep under the layers of the skin.

Patients who come to the clinic are advised to collect samples of the hair as well as a biopsy of the lesions on the skin. Morgellons medication is offered to patients after careful examination of their test reports. Microscopic examination collection kits are available at Dr. Karjoo’s Garden Grove Clinic. After conducting a microscopic examination of the sample the entire treatment plan will be drawn up and the Morgellons medication is offered to the patient.

Dr. Karjoo is a board certified pathologist with over 44 years of experience in caring for his patients. After years of examining the human tissue microscopically, Dr. Karjoo has found that his patients are actually suffering a severe disease condition and it is not just imaginary or due to the patient’s paranoia. Hence, he has devised the Morgellons medication which is highly effective in treating the patients. There may still be a lack of clarity in the overall medical community, but there is nothing unclear about the many glowing testimonials from Dr. Karjoo’s satisfied patients.
If you wish to learn more about the Morgellons medication, you may contact the clinic and fix an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Karjoo.


After a few years of looking at skin lesions and listening to many victims as well as examination of microscopy of skin damage, skin infection, damages to hair follicle and hair shaft combined with nano particles and with a lot of research we conclude the following.
Karjoo Phenomenon

We believe we have a treatment to help this chronic problem. I want to emphasize clearly that this problem so called morgellons is a phenomenon not lime disease or delusional.

Doctor Karjoo is a Board Certified Pathologist treating morgellons patients in his clinic located in Garden Grove, CA.
Karjoo Phenomenon

I would like to talk to any individual with this phenomenon so called morgellons. I believe we have the answers you are looking for.

Please call or email Dr. Karjoo at  (714) 636-0261 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For many years I have been quite with this phenomenon and now I have answers and treatment.
Karjoo Phenomenon

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