Morgellons Treatment Steps

Morgellons Treatment Steps

The following contents were written by third parties for general educational information on Morgellons disease. Dr. Karjoo and Morgellons Medical Center were not involved in the writing or production of these contents. To get more information on Morgellons, the research about this disease and treatment options, please contact our office and set up a Morgellons disease treatment consultation.

For patients suffering with Morgellons disease, life can be really distressing. Initially, patients visit dermatologists and trichologists in a hope to find a remedy for their condition, but very often they fail to get the right Morgellons treatment steps.
Dr. Karjoo has conducted extensive research on Morgellons, and he has found that a majority of the patients who suffered with this disease had a considerable amount of silica or silicone in their skin biopsies. Hence, Dr. Karjoo has found a direct correlation between the two and has termed this condition the ‘Karjoo phenomenon.’

A board certified pathologist with over 44 years of experience in this field. Dr. Karjoo has presented a number of papers on Morgellons disease, as well as other topics. He is considered to be one of the most distinguished physicians providing essential Morgellons treatment steps, and has won a number of awards for his dedication and contribution in treating his patients. Effective Morgellons treatment steps are offered to scores of patients who suffer from this malady. Dr. Karjoo offers patients a free consultation during their first visit to his Garden Grove Clinic.

The Morgellons treatment steps offered at Dr. Karjoo’s clinic result in amazing changes, and patients go back to leading normal lives. After years of research, Dr. Karjoo has found answers to this problem and is more than willing to treat patients to relieve them from this chronic condition. During the treatment, Dr. Karjoo never recommends the use of Nutrasilver orally. His treatment plan is very different, but his patients have found permanent relief.
If you want to find more information regarding Morgellons disease as well as Dr. Karjoo’s Morgellons treatment steps, you can contact the clinic and set up an appointment to have a free consultation with Dr.Karjoo.

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