Morgellons Disease Pictures

Morgellons Disease Pictures

Dr. Rahim Karjoo, M.D., F.A.S.C.P./F.C.A.P, is one of the foremost authorities on Morgellons disease, which has long been rejected by most of the medical community as a kind of delusion or psychosis. Nevertheless, the symptoms of Morgellons, from a creepy-crawly sensation under the skin to respiratory and gastro-intestinal issues, have not ever been fully explained by those who deny that it should be classified as a disease unto itself. Dr. Karjoo, however, has spent decades conducting Morgellons research, and even a cursory glance at his website reveals many Morgellons disease pictures that give a sense of just how much people are suffering. Indeed, the severity of the symptoms apparent in these Morgellons disease pictures demands more attention from the medical community at large, as recent studies have failed to determine exactly what is causing this.

Dr. Karjoo has his own theories, and has developed Morgellons disease treatment options that provide his many patients with impressive results. According to his research, Morgellons is exogenous in nature: specifically, the spread of silica throughout the environment – in everything from cell phones to certain types of cosmetics – is the main culprit. As an accomplished pathologist and physician, Dr. Karjoo has credibility in this area, which is why so many people suffering from this ailment have come to him for help where everyone else turned them away.

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