Morgellons Disease Caused by Chemtrails

A hot topic right now is the prospect of Morgellons disease caused by chemtrails. Some people suspect that, unbeknownst to the public at large, U.S. government planes are spraying areas of the country from the air. Chemtrails, as opposed to the normal contrails (normal vapor) left in the wake of jets, allegedly consist of chemical or biological agents that could be harmful to human beings. A recent theory suggests a connection between Morgellons disease – an affliction that has been dismissed by much of the medical community – and these so-called chemtrails.

Morgellons disease, according to Dr. Ramin Karjoo, who has spent the last 44 years studying this phenomenon, is a debilitating illness with symptoms ranging from itchy and unsightly lesions to serious respiratory and gastro-intestinal issues. Dr. Karjoo does not himself have a professional opinion on the existence of chemtrails, but in his extensive research he has determined that Morgellons is exogenous in nature, and can be traced in part back to many silica-producing items like cellphones and certain cosmetics.

Patients concerns that they have Morgellons disease caused by chemtrails have come to Dr. Karjoo and found relief provided nowhere else. After being rebuffed by many other doctors, these patients found that Dr. Karjoo was willing to listen attentively to their stories and offer proven treatments. If you believe you have contracted Morgellons disease caused by chemtrails, contact Dr. Karjoo for a consultation.

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