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Jean's Story

Morgellons Diary

December 2009 after a return trip for Thanksgiving Holiday with family my scalp started itching intensely day & night. Went to the walk in clinic & saw physician. He said problem more than likely was just an allergy reaction to a shampoo or hair product. Gave me a topical solution "Clobetasol Propionate” and told to apply when itching.

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Herminia's story

...Week 2

On the second week of my treatment, I have seen a bit of a change in my skin. Dark patches on my skin have started to clear up. I am still very itchy and my back has a lot of bump that are healing slowly. Everything below my thighs to my feet are also showing signs of healing. The lesions are deeper like you told me.


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Dr. Rahim Karjoo M.D., F.A.S.C.P.

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Morgellons Cure

We asked patients to obtain hair or fibers or whatever complaining that is coming out of their skin, and also we recommended skin biopsy from the lesion and forward to our laboratory.

Grossly we receive specimen as bunch of fiber and biopsy in formaldehyde.


Microscopic examination we observed filament in different thickness and different color and in the high magnification we observed hair structures. Also with abnormal changes such as Trichorrhexis invaginata orTrichorrhexis nodusa with different pigmentation. Also we observed silicone, silica particles ( nanoparticles ) on the surface with penetrating to the skin. We observed microorganism, type of different fungi, as well as massive inflammation. Most of the cases on the biopsies, we could demonstrate ulceration, with abscess formation and hair follicle changes.

The most interesting finding in our study is to follow the filaments or the hair that we examined microscopically, represent hair structure combined with hair follicles.


Morgellons Cure

The following contents were written by third parties for general educational information on Morgellons disease. Dr. Karjoo and Morgellons Medical Center were not involved in the writing or production of these contents. To get more information on Morgellons, the research about this disease and treatment options, please contact our office and set up a Morgellons disease treatment consultation.

Morgellons disease is a condition that affects the hair as well as the hair follicles, and it requires a serious Morgellons cure. This is a real disease and not merely a hallucination. The medical community does not have a reasonable explanation as to what is causing this disease condition. Patients keep visiting dermatologists, infectious diseases specialists, and trichologists, but continue to suffer. Thanks to Dr. Karjoo;s scientifically sound Morgellons cure, that is a thing of the past.

The treatment offered by Dr. Karjoo is based on years of intensive research. Dr. Karjoo has successfully treated a number of patients who suffer from this distressing condition. Patients come with skin lesions on their face and neck, and very often have a number of hair-related issues that are chronic in nature. The cause of this disease condition is relatively unknown. However, Dr. Karjoo has found the root of the problem.

After having conducted rigorous research on this particular disease condition, he has found that this is a condition where the hair follicle and the hair on the scalp are infected, leading to ulceration and changes in the hair shaft and the hair follicle. According to the research findings, Dr. Karjoo strongly believes there is a significant presence of silica and silicone nanoparticles in 85% of the samples provided by patients. The biopsy of the skin lesions in a majority of the patients, showed the presence of these nanoparticles deep within the skin.

This is a disease that can be completely cured and the patient can lead a healthy, normal life again. Dr. Karjoo insists that this is a real disease condition and needs the specifically tailored Morgellons cure. He states that this is a chronic problem that can have devastating effects on the patients.
So, if you wish to learn more about a truly life-changing Morgellons cure, you can contact Dr. Karjoo at this Garden Grove Clinic. Make an appointment today to get a free consultation.

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