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Hi Soudie!!!

Just wanted to send you my testimonial thus far....

Well if you sent out an honest and sincere prayer to the Universe for some help with this horrendous dis-ease, you can rest assured, it has been been heard!!!

I called the center about a month ago in an almost suicidal state and couldn't wait to come in for an appointment. I really needed to meet with the doctor, I just felt like my life was going to be filled with suffering, itching and pinching for the rest of my life. Which if that were the case, didn't seem to be the way in which I envisioned living my days.They were able to see me the next Wednesday,and believe me I was counting down the hours!!!!

I arrived at the office and Soudie(Drs. assistant) and Dr.Karjoo were like Angels to me. I knew he had figured out what this THING was and how to fix it. I couldn't wait to get home to start on his natural medications. I loved that these were topical too. He started me out with bathing twice a day, using his soap, spray and cream, changing my bedding every day and wearing only cotton clothing. Their are no dietary restrictions on his program but I am about to do a raw food cleanse to boost my immune system. I called Soudie almost daily at first because I had so much fear and uncertainty. She always held out hope and reassurance. She is amazing!!! I also started going back to my church Agape, meditating, praying and thinking VERY differently about this situation!!!!! I knew if I wanted this Thing to be released from body I was going to have to release anger, fear, blame,shame,guilt and the other useless emotions and ideas from my mind that create illness. I have also started reading A Course in Miracles again..I now choose to keep my thoughts positive and no longer worry about being healed, I am just allowing it to happen and following the Drs. protocol. I now have been able to sleep in my bed for several days without washing my sheets!!!! I am mostly taking a shower just once a day unless I go shopping(must be too much nanotechs there) then I will take another shower when I get home. I am truly grateful for Dr. Karjoo and Soudie for their dedication to their patients and their positive attitudes!! They truly are life savers!!!! I am going to see a Reiki healer and implement massages on a regular basis to keep my lymphatic system flowing...I will keep in touch and keep you updated on my progress..I wish you all the best and I know you will have RADIANT HEALTH!!  GOD BLESS YOU ALL:)))


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