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July 24, 2010

To Dr. Rahim Karjoo,

From Kathryn


... My story...

"The Morgellon's Ride"

A "Roller Coaster" of ever descending troughs and ever fleeting peaks of hope.

An 'X' Ticket, a no choice ticket, hang on! If it picks you for a ride!

I am 58 years, a retired R.N. a housewife, and have some medical and scientific background.

I have lived near the ocean in Honolulu, Hawaii since 1988.

Three years ago this coming August 2010, I was baffled by tiny black dots on one leg.

These dots were observed with a magnifying glass when I wondered what the heck was biting/stinging/moving/itching?

This was the "tiny" beginning of an unrelenting, subversive, spooky invasion of "God knows what”!

This, now known, "what" -MORGELLONS- has to be the worst experience in my near 59 years. There've been some other major life traumas, but this takes first prize.

I will attempt to convey why, for me, this Morgellons beats all misery, loss, emptiness.

In a compassionate world, one seeks the knowledge and counsel of those with special training or gifts.

With this in mind, I visit my first dermatologist in August 2007. He does not see, or "look" at what I am describing. He offers "maybes" and palliative treatment, however I perceive no belief.

The situation remains goes on, spreading, increasing. Sometimes there seems abatement, then! Unexplained flareups! I become a bit hopeful, followed by depression and dismay.

I proceed in the course of these last three years to consult internist, four other dermatologists (recommended),

Allergist/immunologist, two infectious disease doctors, psychiatrist. With lessoning hope, I think, "maybe this one will help me". With each appointment, I have less hope, don't really want to see another doctor who doesn't hear and shuts me out most of the time at onset.

I begin to say less to these doctors, offer less data (acting as a patient I don't wish to be), play their game.


With the exception of the psychiatrist and allergist, who are somewhat receptive, none look or think of any alternatives. And all rely on the lab tests, which are absolutely normal and show no causative agent.

As I believe I am not stupid, and don't want to lose my mind completely, I know I must seek help away from Hawaii. I believe I am tagged in Hawaii medical computer system as a doctor chaser, and "crazy".

I also believe one can know more about oneself than others, and can know if something is amiss.

Something was wrong. This was my gut feeling, true belief, and I had to leave my home territory to save my life, literally. My troubled body would remain on earth, as it goes, but my spirit was vanishing.

At this critical, pivoting point in my life, I search again on my computer.

As circles go, I go back to the beginning "black dot".

Previously, I had always typed systemic fungus, parasite, worm, and turned up numerous chases.

This time, May 2010, I type in "black dots on skin", and see -- MY MORGELLONS DOCTOR -- ... (and some? alerts from CDC about Morgellons!!!)

THANKS BE, I click the link to MY MORGELLONS DOCTOR ..., thanks be...

I am blessed to find you Dr. Karjoo, to be fortunate to travel, meet you, and work with you directly in person.

For two months I have met with you, followed the protocol, and used the soap and medication you provided me to rid this invasive real Morgelllons.

Your care, warm response, from first of eyes meeting, has uplifted me and given me strength to do what I need to do, and now know I can do to regain

My life and be the person I wish to be in this world. I appreciate also the time and extended reach you have provided (referrals and tests) for my total health.



Dr. Karjoo,

What a person, what a friend, what a pathologist!

I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime.

I look forward always to my appointments with you.

I am happier when I walk through the door into your office.

You've have given me more than I can imagine - wit this cure, and a "reborn" life. Thank you from the depths of my heart, mind, and soul.

Your patient and friend, Kathryn

p.s. writing completed today July 27, 2010




My story begins in August 2007.


Strange skin itching, stinging. With gaze of naked eye, I see nothing.

Sensations continue. Upon looking with magnifying lens, I see tiny black dots on/in skin.

Trail of Doctors:

Doctor # 1.

I seek an appointment with dermatologist I've seen a few times (colleague of previous dermatologist and son of long standing internist).

I have drawn in circles around these tiny black dots, because they are so small, and at that time, were only on the front of my right leg.

Medical student smirks on the sidelines.

Since that time black dots, and progressively soars, have moved onto shins, forearms, head, intermittently on face.

Dr. (derm.#1, says he doesn't see anything, flashes a magnifying light from four feet up, "No, I don't see anything".

"It's probably a drug reaction, you should go off Adderal and Lamictyl" At this time, both of these medications were prescribed by my psychiatrist who has attended me,

And monitored, I believe quite successfully, my depression since 1988. This dermatologist also states, "It might be scabies, I don't think so, but I can

treat you for that if you wish". Well, I'll go for anything. I proceed with this 'scabies- wash and cream etc.’



... upon afore scheduled appointment with my psychiatrist, three days following above, I inform him that dermatologist #1 recommends I stop these two medications.

My psychiatrist is amenable, but suggests I seek a second dermatological opinion.


Doctor # 2. - regarding skin issue...


This second opinion is with my previous dermatologist, and also dermatologist of my psychiatrist. This doctor, derm #2, looks at nothing, and says "You are seeking the wrong doctor, you need a psychiatrist".

With this response, I negate telling him that I have a psychiatrist, whom I've been working with for 19 years, who suggested I seek his/your medical opinion.


This derm. #2 also states, (conflict here), "This is not a drug reaction, there would be much more excoriation".

Five days later, he is refuting what m.d. he was to partner with, has declared.

He also proceeds to tell my husband, patient of his, at subsequent appointment, "Wow! Big concern about your wife! " ! ! ! Alarm ! ! !

To him, I say, "Alarm what you wish, I dismiss you from my book".

You, Dr. Karjoo, said to me, "You are not the typical patient" and, "You are not crazy".

I agree with you. I am not a typical patient, and have not yet gone crazy.

I am an R.N., so have privilege to more knowledge than some. Beyond that, I have endured, and elated so far.

I absolutely believe that I was at a breaking point. How could I manage my life, maintaining and seeking what moves and motivates me, and also remain earthly for the few immediate family members I have, whom I love, and who love me. to these ends ...... I dedicate my life...

My surviving immediate family is two siblings and a niece.

I have no children, no parents, no grandparents.

My husband is 91 years, and thriving. I am 58 years. We have been married 29 years.

So at this critical time (May 2010), accessing computer, I type in "black dots on skin", instead of, in past, typing systemic parasites/systemic fungus.

The screen shows,CDC! Alert regarding Morgellons syndrome, which others have already been researching, i.e. Morgellons Research Foundation, and 'My Morgellons Doctor', which is at top right of screen. I click on 'My Morgellons

Doctor', and a new world is opened for me.

There is free online offer/questionnaire to help, along with description of condition, microscopic images of samples, an offer to help, an offer of hope. ... !Wow! How the universe works sometimes...

I submit my questionnaire, and call a couple days later to see if received.

Dr, Karjoo comes to phone to talk with me,

"Have you submitted specimen kit yet? No, I say.

He says to me on the phone, "I can help you, I will help you."

..... Music to my ears...

I elect to come to California to see and work with him directly, more input and feedback available on both sides.



Back to the trail of doctors...


Doctor #3.

a naturopath recommended by a dear friend -

The naturopath doesn't think its fleas, prescribes some quercitin, mushrooms, and orders blood test for allergies.

The blood test shows reaction to eggs, milk, feathers, a few miscellaneous vegetables ... I go with this briefly, but feel it's lacking...


Doctor #4.

This doctor is an allergist/ immunologist, also recommended by my psychiatrist who expresses the sentiment of exploring an additional avenue to the dermatologists.

Why not? My internist remarks to me, at routine follow up, when I mention this, "why are you jumping the gun? Let the dermatologists do their thing".

Wow! Wow! Whose life are we talking about here?

I follow the lead of my psychiatrist, and seek the knowledge and expertise of this allergist/immunologist.

This doctor is open minded and kind. He skin tests me for various allergens...


...reactions to black fly, black ant, fire ant, flea, 3-4 kinds of mold, 2-3 dust mites, lint, dander -Where I've been living in Hawaii has every bug imaginable, there is much mold and rot, and we have three dogs who are in and out of the house.

This doctor compounded allergy shots for me, which I received week for several months, then x2 week till current.

Since onset of allergy shots, I have not been bitten by flies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets. This is affirming and comforting.

This doctor also prescribed intermittently, some Eurex cream, Fluconazol (for yeast), and Doxycycline.

After first couple meetings with this doctor (November 2007), he suggested I leave Hawaii environment for a while. "Go someplace dryer".

In February 2008, I go to San Francisco Bay area, Marin County, and stay with my sister for three weeks.

My sister is alarmed by my skin condition, and calls her dermatologist, to ask if this dermatologist could see me.

Two days later I have an appointment.



Doctor # 5.

This dermatologist does actually look close up with a magnifier, states there is so much inflammation, it's hard to know the source, maybe insects?

She asks if I can stay a few days/ week, wraps both legs with Una boot, which remains on for five days, These Una boots are soothing. She states to me, that sometimes if one area is relieved, condition is affected elsewhere. She also prescribed one round of antibiotics.

This doctor is one I would see again. She addressed condition and was compassionate, and my sister has told me she has inquired of me since my visit with her.

I have not seen her again. She was my hope or reference for where to go next, until I found 'My Morgellons Doctor'.

I return to Hawaii end of February 2008. Skin flares and abates, never disappears, always lurking.

3 of 6      6/28/2010 12:18 PM

Print http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/dc/launch?.gx=1 &.rand=5ml422b l gmq82

I purchase Una boots, wrap my legs occasionally, continue program with allergist.

During the spring of 2008, two more friends suggest dermatologists that they, friends, or family members, have liked and had successful treatment outcomes.


Doctor # 6.

March 2008 -dermatologist - happens to be current partner of Doctor # 2. I sit on exam table. He sits across in chair.

He doesn't look at anything, says "I will give you Rx for cream for itching, but over the counter Sarna lotion is just as good".

I say to him, "there is black dot near my right eye, which I have not touched, what is it?"

He cannot possibly see from where he is sitting, but says "you are scratching". I do not fill his prescription.

Same medical student who was at side of Doctor # 1 still smirks on the out skirts.


Doctor # 7.

June 2008 - dermatologist - manner is more kind, gives samples of special shampoo, thinks Una boots are good (most people in Hawaii are unwilling to wear them), swabs one lesion on leg, at subsequent appointment says, "it didn't show much". You are digging and scratching. Nothing more is offered. End of that story.


So, I visit health food stores, look online for alternative treatments, purchase herbal detoxification program, consume lots of olive oil, white vinegar as astringent, systemic enzymes as additive to internal system. I go along maintaining as best I can, and wondering if this will ever end. I eat healthy, clean food.


Doctor # 8.

In February 2009, my husband asks of an infectious disease doctor who treated him several months earlier for possible/probable back infection,

"Would you please take a look at my wife's condition? She is ready to lose her mind."

First inquiry was at follow up appointment for my husband, which I attended. The doctor remarks that I appear nervous, and nervous people get rashes.

That was that. My husband placed follow up call, and asked again if this doctor would see me. He acquiesced.

I have an appointment; he asks where the rash is? He is standing two feet away. I lift my shirt sleeves and pant legs. He asks if I shave my legs.

Bizarre! Does he think I am nicking myself with a razor? He orders routine CBC, test for strongyloides and hookworm. CBC is normal, strongyloides- negative.

Hookworm test was not available from specific lab used, so doctor canceled the test. What kind of medicine is this?

At follow up appointment he lies to me and tells me both tests were negative. I know the hookworm test was not performed, and canceled, because I had requested, and received copies of the laboratory reports prior to follow up appointment. He prescribes some cortisone cream, and says tests can be repeated some later time.

I'm thinking, which tests shall we repeat? No way will I see this person again.

I continue with alternative stuff, any palliative measures I am able to fmd. I endure, and attempt some peace of mind.

More than the medical goings on, the shut out and inhumanity is something beyond anything I could have imagined.

The music that transcends me, three dogs - one in particular, that love me infinitely, have sustained me.

My husband loves me, cares deeply, but is not medical or scientific, and can say, or convey "Get a Grip”...!


I'm trying to grab something, if you please.

I retreat much. It is protection. All the while, I have maintenance checks with my psychiatrist, who wishes me to 'let it go'.

I understand the wisdom here, but "Hey!" It can't be ignored.

I have, have had, happy meaningful moments in my life, thanks be. But as time is going, I am running out of steam, feeling sometimes dizzy and shaky. I am scared.

I mention to my psychiatrist, April 2010 - "I am wearing down; don't believe there is much reserve left."

I truly believe there is something going on, however weird it may be. I am getting nowhere in Hawaii. For my life, which I still value, I must go elsewhere.

He makes a call to someone he knows in tropical diseases. His first reference is not who I ended up seeing.


Doctor #9.

Internist/ infectious disease -

At appointment, preliminary look by young, up and coming m.d. on the team. He takes a naked eye look, and says "Wow".

Senior M.D. comes in, I am on exam table, he sits in chair across. I present nothing, once again lift my shirt sleeves and pant legs, and mention, there is something on my head. He stays in his chair, says "You are scratching and spreading bacteria." I mention fungus, which allergist said could become an issue if taking antibiotics. No fungus. "I've been doing this for 40 years. I'll change your antibiotic, give you some prednizone, will test your stool, but doubt will show anything - never has. I'll see you in a week. I walk out of this office, a shell of vacancy.

Following this appointment I meet my husband at vet office where another of our dogs receives more humane/canine treatment than I experience.



In May, I found you, Dr. Karjoo.

You have asked me to document for you, beginning to present, doctors and the loop of what has transpired.

I am giving you as complete a report as I can. Two days ago, you said it didn't have to be long, and you'd like my testimonial soon for the website.

As I am writing this, I am hoping to get this to you by tomorrow, Friday, earlier than my website deadline of Monday.

Actually, it is now, today, Friday.

With first contact with your staff and you, I have been greeted with warmth, friendliness, and an understanding air.

This is wonderful to behold.

On meeting you, tissue and hair samples were obtained, and looked at microscopically - fungus, abscess, silicon, dead hair follicles....

Morgellons/silicon - both, link? You have done research on breast implants, aware of this; I mentioned initially to you that I had beast implants, silicon.



You asked, "are you willing to take them out?" Yes, no question, if needs be for health; Cancer issue, no problem.

For my skin, I have used your spray, ointment, and then also the soap. All have been amazing. What falls off my skin is mind boggling. There has been much healing of soars, and far less discoloration or texture irregularity. I cannot see my scalp so well, but you have witnessed that my hair is growing back.

As you were concerned about my weight, you referred me to second doctor for endoscopy and colonoscopy. This doctor, who did my procedure, Dr. Pollak, a doctor also, who was as complete as needed to be, along with an inspiring caring attitude. I lucked out on two accounts here.

Per scope, evidently there is some inflammation in small intestine - will be addressed.

I am eating, and I am following your recommendations to my utmost.

We spoke on phone this morning (Thursday, June 10), thyroid issue to follow, and removal of breast implants is to be addressed.

There is nothing more important than my health, which has been lacking.

So, I go forward with you, in the direction your medical knowledge, research and expertise takes me.

Thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart and from the far corners of my mind.

I will send this off momentarily. If there are any amendments before Monday, I will relay. If you have any questions about what I have reported, please ask.

Also, as mentioned previously, I give you free liberty to edit this as you wish, for the good of all.

Again, I would wish this on no one, no one. Thank you.



Good night. Good morning. Blessings.

Now is June 11, three evenings of writing, because it is important.

Sincerely, Respectfully, Kathryn Russell



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