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Morgellons Diary

December 2009 after a return trip for Thanksgiving Holiday with family my scalp started itching intensely day & night. Went to the walk in clinic & saw physician. He said problem more than likely was just an allergy reaction to a shampoo or hair product. Gave me a topical solution "Clobetasol Propionate” and told to apply when itching.

Went thru Christmas & New Year holidays starting to develop nodules on crown of head & started to notice burrows or tunnels developing on my head. Went back to clinic, perhaps I was allergic to topical solution. Doctor recommended I see a Dermatologist, I asked if it could be lice & he said no nits noticed anywhere on my head or scalp.Jean'sface before

January 2010 saw Dermatologist, which was a waste of time & money. She was very uncaring & made no attempt to determine what the problem was. At this time my scalp was covered with burrows & tunnels & large nodules look like sores. Also lesions were starting on my back. She said no nits & it was definitely not lice, I asked could it be scabies. She said scabies does not go to the head, then I asked her what could be causing this, she said I don't know, but go to the internet & order this enzyme. I did go home & ordered the product in the blue bottle. I started using the oil & enzyme on my scalp & soaking in the bath tub. I was washing my hair 4 times a day & brushing it constantly because of the itching, specimens that would come off my head were linear shaped and black specks.jean-feet1

I started having the crawling & intense itching now on other parts of my body. With a magnifying glass I could see little black & white specks (like pepper flakes & salt) Soon I started developing wounds that appear to look like craters.

Pink in the middle with a ring on the rim of the ulcer lesions. It appears that they are close to joints. They are now on my fingers, nails, bigger ones on my back, feet & face. Also I have inside my nose. I called my family doctor & she was on vacation, but her partner saw me. By now I am in tears with these things all over my body & underneath my skin. They also had a Dermatologist on staff & she called him in also to consult. They thought Scabies. I was given Permethrin Cream, Ivermectin, & Ketoconazole Shampoo. I started increasing showers & baths soaking in scabies oils & enzyme baths. I finished that regime of medicines & still stinging, biting & crawling sensations. Now I am finding specimens on my body & feet that look like larvae, (sesame seed looking) developing brown spots in tissues in legs, & unusual colors of what I thought were some sort of parasite or organism.

I put specimens in a bottle & went back to Dermatologist. He took a biopsy off my head. Wounds are everywhere on body now, under breasts, can feel in anus & rectum. He prescribes Silver Sulfadlazine for wounds which did seem to help, another round of Permethrin Cream, Ivermectin, & Hydroxyine HCL. I started giving myself enemas to expel organisms from rectum. Biopsy comes back with extreme inflammation, no scabies mite visible.

February I apply tea tree oil mixed with olive oil every night from head to toe for the entire month. I am afraid to visit my daughter & my grandchildren or have they come to my home as I do not know if this is contagious. I took some specimens to Orange County Health Dept, Doctor says he thinks they are fungus knats, & "No see urns", but not sure recommends I see a doctor. I started having a lot of pain in the intestine area, thru the night it gets severe. I go to the emergency room & tests show mucous, & inflammation. My daughter is also searching internet daily to help me find out what I have. She finds mention of a "mysterious skin Disease" and finds an article written by Mr. X & published on the internet. "Diary of a Skin Parasite". She emails me the article & with terror I realize that I have all the same symptoms & the photos of the parasites look like the specimens I am taking off my body. This is the first time I heard the word Nematoid. I start to notice that after I brush my teeth & use mouth wash I have mucous in my mouth.jean-foot1

March 2010 suffering is unbearable. Unable to work, feeling fatigue & extreme chills, wounds increasing, biting, stinging, crawling, swelling of joints, now different color fibers coming out of body. Mostly red, blue green, black & white cotton puffs & threads. Science fiction like specimens with a knot or thread filament going thru the specimen. Now they are oozing out of feet when I soak them. The face sores are across the cheek bone & now I have lesions on my lip. I have gone back to doctor every week. I am not seeing any family or friends afraid that I am contagious and I am looking really scary with face lesions, swelling etc. I am making excuse to friends that 1 have the flu & don't want to get them sick. If they offer to bring food or pick up things for me I ask them to leave on door step. I am feeling very depressed & isolated. Only going to the market at night or odd hours so that I will not see anyone that I know. I am not able to go to the hair salon to get my hair cut. How can I explain the condition of my head.

I have removed all blankets, pillows, encased the mattress in a plastic zip cover.) am sleeping with just a sheet. Dermatologist says it can't be scabies as none of medications have worked, suggests I see an Infectious disease doctor. I make appt with a physician at UCI, 1 take him specimens, tell him the entire story. He examines me, looks at specimens, puts some ink on them, says he has no idea what they are & suggests that it is delusional. His advice, go home & it should disappear.

April 2010 Eater is here & I am too sick to get out of bed. It has been months since I have seen my daughter, grand children & son in law or any of my friends. My sisters & rest of family all live out of state.

I make an appointment to see a doctor in Irvine that specializes in parasites, hoping he can help me. They did a test where they put known antigens on my arm to see if I have a reaction to any of them & some minor reaction on liver flukes.

Easter is coming & I too sick to spend with my daughter & family.

I notice when I get in my car that I start itching more & the biting & stinging is everywhere on my body & I realize that now they are in the car. I decided to rent a car & park mine in hope in two weeks they will die, but they didn't. It also becomes apparent that even after washing my clothes that they do not come off of them. I start adding Lysol to the washing.

For the last few weeks, I notice that when I drink hot coffee in the morning that small seed looking things are coming out of my mouth. I mixed peroxide & mouth wash then started rinsing & gargling, in horror, (long almost transparent looking larvae with a red spot) start oozing out of the mouth. My gums are now showing spots where they have been eaten away. There are sores on the inside of my cheek & the roof of my mouth. I am sobbing hysterically & I don't know what to do. I drive to a renowned Southern Calif Hospital only to be told that I should see a Dentist. I drive back home and during those two hours, I hope that I go to bed & don't wake up on the morning.

I go to the doctor and am now taking Nystatin Oral Suspension & a steroid gel for my gums twice daily. I am also using gum tonic & washing mouth with mouthwash mixed with peroxide twice a day. When I put peroxide on my lips & gum these white things that looked like devils with horns came out straight protruding from my lip. 1 cannot eat now, just liquids. I start think about wanting to die. I cannot live like this any longer.

April 2010 Easter is here & I am too sick to get out of bed. It has been months since I have seen my daughter, grand children & son in law or any of my friends. My sisters & rest of family all live out of state.

I make an appointment to see a doctor in Irvine that specializes in parasites, hoping he can help me. They did a test where they put known antigens on my arm to see of I have a reaction to any of them & some minor reaction on liver flukes and Candida. I think his knowledge is about known parasites & while he means well, 1 don't think he has a clue about Morgellons, even though he has heard of the disease & said he had some patients in who thought they had Morgellons. I do not think he knows how to treat. I am washing my sheets everyday & trying to keep my environment clean, but it is so difficult to Lysol all the phones, door knobs, anything that I touch on a daily basis. I am wearing rubber gloves, but they still seem to get everywhere. I am throwing away towels & clothes that after 3 washes they still do not become free of organisms. No matter what I put in my nose, I cannot seem to get them out of my nose, eyes, hair & feet. I try witch hazel, alcohol (which does seem to kill some, but your skin cannot tolerate several times a day, because your skin gets so dry it starts to crack) I notice as soon as you get a break in the skin or blood surfaces, that area will be covered with black specks in just a few seconds.

The last week of April My daughter is looking on internet day & night & finds this article where the photos on the article where taken by an Orange County doctor by the name of Dr. Rashim Kargoo.

She forwards the article to me & I look him up on the internet & it seems he knows about Morgellons & has treated cases. I now am covered over all of my body & so ill. The next morning, I am weeping so much, I think of losing my home, & everything I have worked so hard to keep since my husband died. I call Dr. Karjoo's office.

A receptionist answers & I am weeping so much, I ask for an appointment with the doctor. She transfers me to his assistant (Soudie) Soudabeh, I ask her please to help me, but I am crying so hard, she puts me on hold & the doctor comes on the line & talks with me in a kind & gentle voice. He tells me he will help me, so I do not need to cry any more. He then transfers back to Soudie & she says I need to pick up vials to bring in samples & specimens. When she finds out I live in Orange County also, she gives me the address & says I can come & pick them up. I drove to his office immediately & when I arrived, she took pictures on my lesions, face, mouth etc & I brought the vials home. The next day I took samples of my hair, & specimens from the lesions on my body. In a few days the report was ready & the "Mysterious Skin Disease Morgellons" was confirmed. Dr. Kargoo spent a lot of time with me when I came back for the report he examined me & started me on his "skin medicine" after a few days I started to notice that the lesions were drying up & my skin was not dry like the desert anymore. After the first dosage, I went back to the office & was able to smile & feel there was hope. All the time "Soudie" the kindest, most caring woman, encourages you & helps you through this difficult time. The next week things continue to improve with Dr. Karjoo's medicine & I am now able to walk better & my body is expelling the environmental disease. I have been to 8 doctors for Morgellons, but the luckiest day of my life was meeting & being treated by Dr. Karjoo. It amazes me that he took so much interest in this disease jean-feetthat he did all this research to help patients, no other medical doctors, University hospitals or the CDC, even care to help or have an interest in such a debilitating disease.

May 2010 I am now in my third week & everything is going well, I am doing more. Mother's Day is approaching & Dr. Karjoo says I can see my family without worry. It was the first time in months that I saw my daughter, son in law & grand children. I met them at a restaurant & we had such a wonderful time. I was still concerned about having them in my environment or my car so I met them. The next week because my feet have been such a problem, I needed to clean the plastic tarp that is under my desk chair in the office. It was heavy & has the side with the plastic bumps that help it keep from moving. Suddenly I scratch my leg around the ankle & it starts to bleed. I put peroxide on it, but later that day my foot is itching terrible & the black specks are covering my ankle & bottom of feet where I had previous lesions that had not quite healed. I had known from previous experience that broken skin or blood causes real problems. The next morning I call Dr. Karjoo, I cannot walk again, my foot is swelled like an elephant foot, terrible lesions. Also to make matters worse, I must have forgotten to clean my cell phone, because now I have the start of lesions about 6 or 7 tiny spots where my "Blackberry Phone" touches my cheek. I walk in very down hearted & Dr. Karjoo tells me not to lift heavy things like that anymore & remember to clean environment thoroughly.

It has now been a week & my foot is starting to get better, still working on the face.

I notice that the lesions are all close to joint areas like shoulder blades, jaw bones, wrists, knees, elbows, fingers. My nails & hands are still a big problem, as I cannot seem to get the lesions around my fingers better. I think because I wash my hands all the time & I wash off the medicine . I also think that I will have to change my carpeting, because that could be why I cannot get my feet cleared.

June 2010 Dr. Karjoo's medicine is working & I no longer have constant itching, lesions are all dried up, mouth, hair, nose & feet are still in need of medicine. The most wonderful thing about this medicine is that you can use anywhere, because it is all natural, nothing toxic. I now go to bed & say a prayer every night that I have found Dr. Karjoo & Soudie, I have hope again.jeanfinal

It is now the second week of June & I start to get extreme chills again & notice blood in my urine. I now have a temp of 104 degrees, I have a friend take me to ER & I have an Urinary Tract Infection. I don't know if this pertains to Morgellons. Does it get in your blood? Or is this a separate issue. I am now on antibiotics. It is Sat. afternoon & I call

Soudie & Dr. Karjoo. I am always able to reach them, tell him what has happened & he says to come in on Monday. Dr. Karjoo is always interested in his patients & monitors their condition at all times. He deserves for the entire medical field to take note of what he is doing to help mankind in the research of this disease. My best description of him would be "If I could give the Nobel Peace Prize" for Medicine there would be no one more deserving.


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