If You Recognize Your Plight in Our Photos, You Could Have Morgellons

For many, the possibility that they could have Morgellons disease is a heart-breaking process. First, they are suffering and most likely have been for a long time. Secondly, though, they struggle with finding a diagnosis. Many shame them for thinking they could have this disease and many doctors won't even humor the thought that it exists. Dr. Rahim Karjoo, based in Garden Grove, CA, welcomes anybody who thinks they could potentially be suffering from Morgellons.

Dr. Karjoo can show you many Morgellons pictures to see if you have similar symptoms to others who have bravely fought this disease. These pictures may reflect something familiar in your lifeā€”it could be the pain in their eyes or the bags from sleepless nights, or simply wounds that don't seem to get any better. He can then share before and after Morgellons photos that document the success he has achieved through treating his patients. Once you're sure you want to proceed with treatment, Dr. Karjoo can discuss his methods. After you fill out a brief questionnaire, Dr. Karjoo can determine if you are qualified for Morgellons treatment. Once accepted, Dr. Karjoo will begin his treatment, guiding you on the path to recovery.

After all, nobody should have to suffer with a disease that is treatable. Dr. Karjoo and his helpful staff are here to support you through your struggles and will help you find that light at the end of the tunnel. If you have any questions about Morgellons or Dr. Karjoo's treatment methods, please contact his office at (714) 636-0261.

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