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Week 2

On the second week of my treatment, I have seen a bit of a change in my skin. Dark patches on my skin have started to clear up. I am still very itchy and my back has a lot of bump that are healing slowly. Everything below my thighs to my feet are also showing signs of healing. The lesions are deeper like you told me.

Week 3

I’ve noticed that from shoulder to hands are becoming clearer. There is a big change from the prior week. It isn’t as itchy as it used to be, however I am unsure about my skin and the discoloration. Maybe they will disappear eventually given more times. As for my neck to my stomach, they have become progressively better. My back, upper to mid section, still appear to have bumps but it still getting better. My husband is doing a fantastic job scrubbing my back and has told me that it is getting better. From my hips to my feet, it is healing slowly and the itching is still present to some parts of my body, day to day. Overall it is 75% better than the first week of treatment. I will keep you posted on further developments on the fourth week of treatment.

Have a pleasant day Doctor karjoo and I appreciate the help you have given me!

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