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Dear Dr. Karjoo and Soudi,

About 2 years ago, my life was about to end. After many and many doctors and specialists visits and examinations, my symptom has not gone with any improvements. I was extremely sad, lonely, and questioning myself: what is wrong with me? All of my exam and lab test result came back were negative non-detected, but somehow I knew there was something horribly wrong with inside of my body. Most of the doctors have seen the legionsover my body but no one had a clue, or any of ideas of what is actually happening. Even worse, some of irresponsible doctors pushed me to psychotic program, which is not helping at all instead of giving me more stress than ever. That was the darkest time in my life: hopeless, illness, and anti-social.

My life was about to end, however, it was a light from the Heaven shine thru the clouds: I finally have met with Dr. Karjoo and Soudi. For the first time since my illness has began, finally someone could understand me, believe me, and communicate with me, even more Karjoo has an effective treatment plan for my condition. Within about 2 to 3 weeks my skin condition has greatly improved for the first time in this horrified 2 years. And at this moment I am alsmot fully recovered with the care from Dr. Karjoo and Soudi, you guys are true life savers, friends, teachers, and family.

Thank you so much with tears in my eyes, what you guys have done for me is phenomenal incredible.



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