Dealing With Morgellons

Dealing with Morgellons

At Morgellons Medical Centre, Dr. Rahim Karjoo and his outstanding and compassionate team are dedicated to helping patients suffering from the pain and heartbreak of the mysterious illness most often referred to as Morgellons.

As visitors can see from the Morgellons disease pictures featured on this site and elsewhere, this is a very real illness. However, because it is a complicated affliction about which still little is known, misdiagnosis is rampant; many mainstream medical practitioners simply do not believe in the reality of the illness. Fortunately, Dr. Karjoo's center has developed a number of methodologies which have been proven successful in dealing with this complex skin disease.

Morgellons is a skin affliction that can sometimes lead to other issues, including respiratory problems. Even so, the worst thing about it for many sufferers is that many doctors refuse to treat it seriously. Many physicians tend to refer those suffering from this disease to psychologists, believing the condition is essentially a delusion. Dr. Karjoo argues that this is absolutely untrue. Morgellons pictures clearly show that the patient is suffering from a very real problem. There is skin lesion present and fibrous material really does seem to come out of the body.

With over 40 years of research in the field behind him, Dr. Karjoo is the leader in treating Morgellons and its symptoms. If you believe you might be suffering from this illness, please fill out the online questionnaire and request a free initial consultation. It could well be your first step on the road to recovery.

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